Monday, February 9, 2015

Zoya Storm Swatch and Nail Art

Hello ladies!

How are you doing?

Today I want to show you the first Zoya polish I own and I was so obsessed with!

So, this is Zoya - Storm!
Oh my gosh, I was obsessed and frantic to get it, since I saw the first time. This polish was part of the Ornate Holiday 2012 collection, so it's "old", but definitely worth the money!

I would describe Storm as black jelly polish with holographic flakies, because you need at least two coats to get it opaque like this and the glitter particles are more flakies than glitter (does this description makes sense?).
On the pics the flakies look only silver, but you can believe me, they are holo! Really, really beautiful!

On the pic above I tried to do a macro shot, but I haven't quite figured it out how to, but I think you can see the flakies anyways!

As promised in the title, I also did some nail art on the other hand!
I used O.P.I. - My Silk Tie from the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection for the patterns!

I think those two colors fit very well together and I love the monochromatic look of it, even though I should have done them more intricate!
As ever, I topped all my nails with Glisten&Glow - HK Girl top coat!

 Ok ladies, what do you think?
Are you obsessed now, like I was? Will you try to get a bottle of this beauty?


  1. OOOOOH pretty!! I love your pictures too, I always find it hard to properly capture a dark polish with glitter in, but your pictures show the glitters so well! I'm planning on getting your Glisten & Glow topcoat btw after seeing you being so enthousiastically about it, I'm comparing online retailers to see where I'd buy it best :)

    1. thank you! as I said, the flakies are holo, so I didn't capture it that well... I can recommend , the have reasonable prices and shipping costs and they ship really fast. not to mention the various indie polishes they sell! :)

  2. Oh der Lack gefällt mir! Als ich meinen ersten Zoya Lack bekommen hab war ich auch ganz aus dem Häuschen. Ich finde die Lacke echt klasse

    1. Sorry für die späte Antwort, aber ich kann dir nur Recht geben, der Lack ist echt ein Schätzchen, mal schaun ob ich noch mehr Zoyas zu meiner Sammlung hinzufüge!


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