Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Nerd-Geek Challenge - First Prompt!

Hellu ladies!

It's the first Sunday of Robins and my challenge. Todays post is inspired by our favourite Sci-Fi / Fantasy character and believe me, this was tough! I had to think really hard and there were so many that came to my mind.
But then, through the fog of my brain an angel came, or more an "Archangel" came, to rescue me...
(Some maybe got the hint already...)
I want to show you my true Sci-Fi love... Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect.

If I could ever hang out with a fictional character, it would be him. He is such a cool guy, a sniper with incomparable skill and if you know his story, you won't be able, not to love him!
Wikipedia can describe him better than me:

Garrus Vakarian is a fictional character in BioWare's Mass Effect franchise, who acts as a party member (or "squadmate") in each of the current three games.  
Garrus is a turian, one of the various alien species in Mass Effect, and is voiced by Brandon Keener. Garrus is a turian, an alien avian race resembling "humanoid birds or raptors."  
Design wise, Garrus wears a visor and has a blue-and-black theme to his armor. In Mass Effect 2, while in Omega, Garrus is seriously injured by a gunships's chain gun and rockets and so gains scars and a cracked armor. 
Source: Wikipedia Link

Mass Effect is one of my favourite Playstation 3 games and without the encouragement of my man, I wouldn't have played it. But he pushed me to try it and I loved it. I'm so sad, that there are no more games at the moment, but there are rumors, that the publisher will continue the series.

Ok, why did I choose him?
Well, in this game it's possible to "romance" other main characters, means build up a romantic relationship with them. I knew this character will be Garrus as soon as I saw him. Or rather heard him... He has such a smooth and cool voice. And he is also a good looking guy ... for a reptile-like alien! :D
My favourite scene with him was, when he told Shepard (the character you are playing), that he researched ways ... ahem... how to get physical between Turians and Humans.
You can see this here:

But my heart ached badly in Mass Effect 3, when the final fight was due and I had to say goodbye to Garrus...

Oh myyy... find out how a Turian-Human baby looks like!!
Ok, enough sighing and melancholical remembering, more nail art, otherwise I have to fire up our Playstation 3 again and play this awesome game again, just to see Garrus!

You know, I'm not a good freehand painter, so I just painted Garrus' face on my middle finger and did watermarble decals for the rest of my fingers.

Used polishes:
O.P.I. - Alpine Snow, Lady in Black, My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Sally Hansen - Don't be Blue
Glisten & Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
Gel liners in black, blue and silver for Garrus

I'm not happy with the outcome of the watermarble decals, yes they are catastrophic! They were so thin, that when I applied them on my nails, bubbles build up underneath and even my top coat wasn't able to smooth them out.

Personal hint:
If you paint with gel liners, you will see, that they dry very very slow... So if you don't want to smear the design with your top coat, just spray on some hair spray, let it dry and add the top coat then! No smearing! This trick works also with nail polish!
Oh, and if you paint such complex designs, I recommend to add matte top coat, so there are no shiny patches on your pics and everyone can adore your design wholly!

So... I'm super happy with my little Garrus, but unbelieveable unhappy with the rest of my fingers...

Ok, what do you think?
Have you ever played Mass Effect? Are you a gamer girl!

Don't forget to leave a link in the comments, if you also participate!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you very much! You can imagine that I'm really proud of my little Garrus! ;)

  2. woow amazing desing, Big hug I´m excited about this challenge because is differetn and original like your nail art. See you.

    1. Thank you for your nice words! I'm also very excited about our challenge, because it's really challenging! :)

  3. HAHA your sentence "And he is also a good looking guy ... for a reptile-like alien!" made me laugh so hard! I don't know this game but I think Garrus looks kind of cute! It's really fun to see other people's favourite characters :)

    1. You should see him walk! It looks catlike, a real predator! Oh man, yummy! :D
      No, seriously, he is badass! If you will ever choose a game to play, take this, it's awesome.
      Yes, it's amazing, what our followers do! Are there some participants on Facebook too?

    2. I haven't found anyone on FB yet, only people who have blogs too :) I've been wanting to collect the links and designs of everyone so I'm going to try and do that soon and publish them all in a little post!


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