Thursday, February 5, 2015

Birthday mani for my fiancé

Helluuuu ladies!

Today I want to show you the design I did for my fiancè's birthday, which was at the beginning of January.

To understand why I did this, I have to tell you about my partner.
He plays piano since he's six years old, that's the reason why I painted some piano keys on the one hand.
When we moved from the city to the countryside, our house was too small to fit the piano in. But some time ago, we rearranged the living room furniture and now there is space for it! My fiancè was really happy about it, even though he has to practice, because he hasn't played for a long time!
Aaand and I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we are a bit nerdy... we love Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly or lets say nearly anything Sci-Fi and above all Fantasy, from The Lord of the Rings to The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones!
That's the reason, why I painted the first two tacts of the "Imperial March" from Star Wars on the other hand (for all music enthusiastic - it's the first two tacts of the melody, and I know, I won't get rich with painting notes :) )

The design looks simple, but believe me, for a completely non-musically person like me (I quit learning to play the guitar after some months), it's really hard to paint notes *haha*.
But I'm really proud about my straight freehanded lines!

Used polishes and tools:
O.P.I. - My boyfriend scales Walls
A-England - Bridal Veil
China Glaze - Fairy Dust
Glisten&Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
Black DVD-Marker for the lines
Dotting tool
Striping brush
Straight nail vinyls

I started with painting all my nails with MBsW and added Fairy Dust above, for some sparkle.
To get the black keys straight, I applied some nail vinyls, so they have the same length on every nail. Then I painted the keys with the striping brush.
On the other hand I draw the lines first with the DVD Marker.
Personal hint!
A DVD Marker seems to be a perfect solution, if you don't have one of those fancy (and expensive) nail art pens. But as you can see, the lines smeared heavily, even though my top coat normally doesn't smear anything, or at least not polish. As I haven't tried it since this, I don't have a solution for this problem for you now, but I promise to state it, if I find one!
Nevertheless, it's really simply to use and I was amazed how easy it went on my nails. You maybe know about my love-hate relationship with the Essence - Tattoo Nail Art Pen, which doesn't work really good for me.
I also saw fellow bloggers use gel pens for nail art and I already bought some to try it. I will tell you about my experience with it, as soon as I tried them!
At last, I added the dots with a small dotting tool!

I love this mani! And my fiancè liked it too! :) He could even read the notes, after some help *haha*, but not because he was out of practice, just because I'm not a good note writer!

What do you think?
Did you also use alternatives to nail art pens? What are your experiences?
Tell me in the comments!


  1. OOOOH MY GOD HOW AWESOME IS THIS!!! I had to read your blog post twice because at first I didn't fully register it, that's how awesome!! Seriously Franzi this is SUCH a cool design to do for your fiancé!! I love that you actually painted real existing music on it too!! I told my boyfriend how cool this was just now ;) p.s. YOU WATCHED FIREFLY??! Omg I loooove that show! My boyfriend and I are into sci-fi and fantasy A LOT too!! :D

    1. Lol can you tell how much I'm freaking out about your post! :p

    2. Girl you are so, so, so awesome! I love your comments so much and that you like what I do :D
      Because my last years birthday mani for him, wasn't that creative, I wanted to do something more special this year and I think I nailed it!
      Yes, we are great fans of this show, even though we found it, after we saw the movie and we've been so sad, that there won't be more seasons!
      In general we love TV Series very much and our interest is wide spanned, f.e. Battle Star Galactica (the renewed show), 24, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Star Trek Voyager (our greates love :) ), House of Cards, Sherlock (the one with Benedict Cumberbatch - simply great!!), Breaking Bad, Spartacus, True Blood (even he liked it very much!), Downton Abbey (love, love, love), Da Vincis Demons, Person of Interest (so cool!), Suits, King of Queens, Homeland, Borgias, The Tudors, Eureka, Warehouse 13, ... Oh God, I could go on forever!
      Not to mention those shows we are waiting impatiently for (like Gotham, Constantine or Agents of Shield!)
      And since we own Netflix, we stopped watching normal TV nearly completely! *haha*
      You can ask me anything about TV Series, there are very less, we don't watch :D

    3. AAAH omg I'm freaking out even more lol!! You mention a lot of shows we watch too! I loved Battle Star Galactica, my boyfriend watched House of Cards and keeps telling me I need to watch it too lol. I think I might have to now, since you love it too! :D I started watching Agents of Shield and I really need to see more episodes now, everything just fell still during my exams but now I have free time again!! Do you watch Agent Carter by any chance? I love her! :)

    4. Hihi, yes we nerds :D
      I have to confess I had to look up what Agent Carter is, since I didn't hear about it. But after this, I hope I have the chance to see it. It's a bit difficult in Austria to get your hands on all those cool show from overseas and since we don't watch anything on those sites like or else (actually we hate it, because it's stolen material and we prefer legal, good quality watching), we have to patient a lot.
      But I'm looking forward to it! It sounds great!
      I think we should do something with our nerdiness, don't you think? Like nail art inspired by or something like this?! ;)

    5. HAHA YES!! We should totally do a nerdy nail art thing!!! :D Awesome idea :) Right now I don't have much time, because I have some reviews I need to do in the coming two weeks and I also promised someone to do a mani swap after that :) But after that, I'm all yours!!


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