Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Nerd-Geek Challenge - Third Prompt ... Inspired by a TV-Show

Hellu ladies!

Better late, than never, today's post is about my favourite Sci-Fi show! Believe me, it was tough, but I had an idea stuck in my mind for this prompt, for a very long time.
I did something completely different...
I will tell you soon, but now, let's see what I've done for you today!

Aaand, have you guessed it right?
You see nail art inspired by Battlestar Galactica - the new version!

Pic Source Link
I really own most of my nerdness my lovely man, without him, I wouldn't have watched this awesome show!
This one is about humans against intelligent machines, called Cylons. Once they were built to serve the humans, but they were too smart and declared war to humankind. There are 12 colonies, named liked our zodiac signs, which the Cylons destroyed and only a few spaceships, cramped full with humans survived. Most of them are civil ships and there is only one warship left - Battlestar Galactica, which protects the civil ships as good as possible. Battlestar is a warship class - the biggest warship in this fictional world and they are awesome and badass! 
So this show is about how the humans try to survive, love, rivalry, politics and even religion. It is really exciting and once you saw one episode, you are unable to stop! There are so many twists and turns and you got hooked to it really fast.
Definitely a thumbs up for this one, if you like Sci-Fi a bit!

Used products:
O.P.I. - My Vampire is Buff
Black gel liner
Glisten&Glow - HK Girl
Manhatten - Matte Top Coat

On the pic above you see my secret weapon for all those fine details - my black gel liner!
I love to draw with this one! But, there is always a but, I have to confess something today...
I mentioned in the first challenge post - here is the LINK - that I use hairspray to fix the gel liner and add top coat afterwards.
Well, this is perfect to seal it, but (here it is) I experienced that my top coat lifts, if I for example wash my hands, because of the hairspray, which you can see on my pointer if you look closely!
At the moment, I can't tell you how to fix this problem, but I will, if I find a way!

Confession time - take two!
I planned to choose Battlestar Galactica since Robin and me came up with this idea, because I wanted to draw the tattoo the characters called Starbuck and Sam wear on their arm. It looks like this:

Pic source link
Looks simple, right? NOOO!! It's f***ing hard to draw and after ten tries, I gave up!
I chose the Battlestar logo, some pilot rank signs and the BSG signature instead and I'm happy with the outcome! :)

One more close-up for you! Here you can also see, what I meant with the lifting top coat on my pointer!

Normally, I don't want you to see flaws on my manicure, but I feel like it's my duty to tell you, because I recommend this little trick :)

Ok, that's it for today! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday, here in Austria it has been Mother's Day too, that's also the reason why this post is up so late.
I also want to say sorry for my absence lately, but I catched a little cold this week and overall my motivation is a bit weak at the moment. Hopefully I can show you more manis soon, because I didn't stop painting my nails. It's just so much work behind all this and I also have a full time job, a man, a cat, a household and yeah, blogging time suffers from all this.
Please stay tuned, I appreciate every comment and visit of my blog!
You guys are awesome!

Thank you for reading so far and have a nice week! :)


  1. YAAAASSSS I guessed it right!! From the moment I saw that first picture of your nails I immediately thought of Battlestar Galactica!! I was seriously doubting to do something with this show too but I couldn't think of any designs - I love yours!! Haha my boyfriend got me hooked on BSG too just like yours :) Otherwise I would never have watched it! And BSG was the first nerdy show ever that I watched so that's where my love for all of this started! :D

  2. I don't know about the show, but I see that your mani is quite original and looks cool!

  3. Nevee heard about the show before But I love the manicure. Esp one of your middle finger :D

  4. woow it is amazing, see you next sunday...can´t wait ti see your fantastical manicure. Big hug.


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