Thursday, July 23, 2015

Better late than never... Birthday Collab Mani for Ssunnysideup

Hellu ladies!

How are you? Is it as freakin' hot where you are as it is here in Austria? 2 weeks of hot weather now, it's exhausting...
Anyways, today I want to show you, what I did for Sabrina at Ssunnysideup for her birthday. I know, it's nearly a month ago... I'm sorry.
But here it is... finally!

Friday, July 3, 2015

A little explanation...

Hellu ladies!

First I want to apologize for my absence... I miss you...
Not posting on my blog, breaks my heart a bit every day. I want to explain... or rather I try to.

At the moment it's very hard to find the time, to paint my nails, photograph them, edit them and last but not least, blog about it. My weekends are cramped full of stuff, you know round-birthday parties, weddings or other family parties.
During the week I have to work, keep the house in order, do dinner and so on.
And my nails give me a hard time too... my cuticles look like s**t, I think because of the now hot and dry weather and the AC is running everywhere and sucks all the niceness out of my skin... It's frustrating.
But it's not only me... You know Sammy from thenailasaurus - she also posted only four times these last two months, which, you will see if you look at her blog, is very less, compared to before. Like me, she didn't stop painting her nails, but, and I want to recite her now:
I'm still thinking about blogging every single day, multiple times a day... okay basically just all the time. It's in my bones now and I can't escape it. The ideas keep on coming but I'm lagging a little on the execution side of things. I'm sure some of you know exactly where I'm coming from with this. Please tell me I'm not alone! (Source: link)
Yes Sammy, you are not alone!
I love your art, you clean pics, they are so inspirational to me. Everytime you post a gradient, I want to do one too. I know exactly, how you feel and beg you, don't stop blogging! Don't force yourself, but don't stop entirely either! I would miss you so much!

And there is Robin from roaringnails, my personal blogging BFF. She is on an internship at the moment and very busy too. I miss her posts and nail art.

I really can't understand, how people have the time to write a new post everyday like Ithfifi from Ithinity Beauty or Eva from Flight of Whimsy (two very awesome blogs, if you don't know them)! I mean, this is awesome and I'm so jealous!
I feel pangs of conscience every time I see, that they wrote a new post.

And then I start thinking: Don't you want to post? Do you have a blogger burnout? Do you want to stop completely? Do you want to abandon your baby entirely? Are you passionate enough about all this?
These thoughts make me sad... really sad.

But then my Inner-Nail-Freak speaks up...

Yes! You want to post! Yes, you want to write about what you have done!
Maybe, you are a bit burnt-out, but this is nothing, a bit of time can't heal!
No! You don't want to stop, you love what you do!
No! You don't and won't abandon your baby! You can do this!!
Yes! You are a nail freak and you have the passion!

So there is hope!

I'm glad you have come so far in this post, that makes me happy!

I just wanted to write this off my heart, because it is a burden, I wanted to get rid off for a long time now.
I'm also sorry, that there are no pics today, but I don't have anything related to the mood of this post...
But I'm confident, that after nearly two years, I'm allowed to share something personal here, without sounding awkward (hopefully ;) ).

I have lots of unreleased pics in my stash, so if you stay tuned, you can see them in near future. And like I said before, I didn't stop painting my nails, so there will be nail art afterwards too!

Thank you, really thank you, for reading all this! Please share your thoughts, I'm curious!

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