Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gold and White

Hey ladies!

I promised to show you my gold flakes topper from O.P.I. called Don't Speak over white, some time ago. Here it is!

Used polishes:
O.P.I - Alpine Snow and Don't Speak (Gold flake topper)
Gel liner pen in gold

First, don't be too distracted by my battered cuticles. At the moment it is really hard to get them nice and healthy, because of this shitty weather, sometimes it's cold, then it's a bit warmer and yeah, I also forget to use lotions and cuticle oil way to often.
Nevertheless, I really loved the look of Don't Speak over white. It has a classy, elegant look and it's also subtle enough not to be overwhelming.

Some time ago, I bought some cheap gel liner pens in various colors, because I saw many nail artists using them. And after I used a dvd marker for the birthday mani, I thought, well why not try?!
I can really recommend gel liner pens for nail art! Working with them is so easy! It's like writing on paper, I mean not exactly like writing, but everyone who can hold and write with a pen will experience nearly the same, when using them for nail art.
The only thing you have to be aware of is, that they don't remove as easily as for example water-soluble acrylic paint, or my pens don't go off as easily. I tried to correct them and there was a subtle visible line, after I washed it away.
But as everything nail art related, practice will make you better!

Ok, what do think about these?
Have you tried gel liners for nail art too?


  1. Very pretty and elegant polish combination!

    1. Thank you, I really liked this combo too. I think it would be perfect for christmas or a wedding!

  2. Don't Speak looks really good over white too!! p.s. I just sent you some happy news in an email ;)

    1. It is as gorgeous over white as it is over black! P.S. I (finally) replied to your email! :)


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