Saturday, March 7, 2015

I'm back and 50 Shades of Ruffian

Helluuu ladies!

I'm not in blogger heaven and I hope you missed me!
I'm really sorry for my absence, but I have a busy life outside the blogging world at the moment. Hopefully I can post more now!

Today I have a ruffian manicure for you, done with polishes from the O.P.I. - Fifty Shades of Grey Collection!

Wow, I had to scroll back very far to find these pics *lol*. I did this mani about an month ago, but couldn't find the time to post them!

Looking at them now, I want my long nails back. At the moment, I'm wearing short nails because they are more practical. And I don't know, if you feel the same, but I don't like the click-e-ti-click sound, nails cause on keyboards, when they are too long... I can't explain, why it annoys me, but it does! :D

I love how these turned out!
It was the first time I tried to do a ruffian manicure by only using the brushes from the polish - you know what I mean, no, doesn't surprise me... I try to explain! :D
I started by painting my nails with Embrace the Gray - it's a medium gray creme polish, which is nicely opaque in two coats.
Then I took Dark Side of the Mood and painted over the base with the brush from the bottle and as you can see, didn't paint the whole nail. This is a bit tricky... if you haven't done this you have to be careful, take it slow and paint slightly curved. I applied a second coat to smooth it out.
Last but not least, I added some dots with My Silk Tie and sealed it with Glisten&Glow HK Girl.

Oh myy... I love Dark Side of the Mood and I used it quite often lately.

So, opinion time!
What do you think of these? Like or hate?
Have you ever done a ruffian manicure? What's your favourite technique to achieve this look?


  1. I squealed when I saw your pictures, they are gorgeous! I love this design so much, it's elegant and classy and somehow also badass and really cool too :D

    1. thank you Robin! I'm happy you like it!
      I'm currently answering your mail!

  2. This OPI collection is pretty amazing, exactly like the mani you made!

    1. Thank you Andrea! That's really sweet of you! :)

  3. Those colours are fabulous ♥


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