Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marble shards

Helluuu ladies!

Wow, it's been incredibly long since my last post, but I was so busy with my life outside blogging. I had a busy time at work and my private life was also very turbulent.
Anyways... I did something some time ago, inspired by my dear blogging friend Robin! I saw THIS post and boom inspiration hit me so hard!
But it's just inspired by the colors I think, because my mani isn't a copy as you can see! Now, let's take a look and I will also share the secret behind this unbelievable simple design!

Used colors:
O.P.I. - My Boyfriend Scales Walls (base color)
China Glaze - New BirthEssie - mint candy appleButter London - Royal NavyCatrice - Electrix BlueA-England - Tristam
A plastic bag
Dotting tool

I made pics bigger this time, because there is so much detail about those marbled shards you just have to see. Sorry for my messy cuticles, that's the constantly cold weather here...

Now, you maybe think: oh no, she watermarbled her nails and painted the white lines, oh no that's to messy for me!
And you are WRONG! It's so simple!


  1. I painted all my nails with MBSW (that's easy I know HAHA)
  2. I took a plastic bag (I always use the plastic in which my nail vinyls come) and dropped all the blue polishes on it! (that's easy too!)
  3. Now there are two ways: First way is to swirl the colors together with a dotting tool or toothpick - the problem is, if you swirl it to much, you just have a new shade of blue, so be careful if you try this way. Second option is to fold the plastic and smack them together! Just press down with your finger on the places you think are not mixed up and unfold the plastic, you can do this as often as you like!
  4. Wait till it's dry enough to lift it from the plastic!
  5. Cut out the parts you like most and glue them on your nails with clear polish!
  6. Seal everything with top coat!
BAM! Awesome mani, easy done!

Now have some closeups of the parts I liked most!

My index finger is a result of the "fold-the-plastic-and-smack-it" way! Isn't this awesome??

Can you see the holo shimmer?? Can you see the perfectly marbled bits?? This is so f*cking awesome, I have to do this again!!

Here is also a closeup of my thumb, because I liked the shape I cut so much!

So, what do you think?
Let me know!

You will hear from me again tomorrow, with some really awesome news, so stay tuned!


  1. Yay, I already saw this in a sneaky preview ;) I love it! Is that Tristam on the tip of your index finger? (with the fold-and-smack) Super pretty! I think the thumb might be my favourite, I love the shape you cut the marble in!

    1. You are so smart! It is Tristam, my gorgeous deep blue-holo boy! ;) The other holo shimmer comes from the Catrice polish, which is also awesome! The thumb was also a favourite of mine because of the shape!

  2. Incredible! I will definitely try this technique :).

    1. Please do it and let me know! It is so incredibly easy and has so much effect!


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