Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Nerd-Geek Challenge - Prompt 2 - Inspired by a Movie

Hellu ladies!

Today is inspired by a fantasy/Sci-Fi movie and you know, nail art is a boundless art and you can take inspiration from everywhere!
So when I saw the new Star Wars - The Force Awakens movie teaser last week, I knew immediately what I will do for this prompt!
Let's take a look!

Are you as excited as I am about this movie? In case you haven't watched the teaser, here it is:

This sentence is already epic! Tears literally stung my eyes when I saw and heard this, even though I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan. I love the movies, even the new ones, they are so exciting and sad at the same time.

For my design I painted all my nails with Zoya - Storm, because of it's tiny silver/holo flecks. This polish looks so much like the sky at night.

Then I draw the words with white acrylic paint and a small nail art brush.
When the paint was dry I added China Glaze - Sun Worshipper, because this is the only polish I own, which seams color accurate to the Star Wars logo color. I think it really fits!
I finished everything with one coat of GGal Australia - Gloss Boss.

On my right hand I simply made galaxy nails, because Star Wars also plays in space, right?! :D

I'm happy I could finish all in time, because I couldn't find the time to do my nails, until some hours ago. Yesterday was such a sunny day here and the man and me decided to do some outside work, which brought us a serious sunburn! But that's nothing some After Sun - Lotion can't mend! We really underestimated the intensity of the sun! :D

So I hope you liked it and I can't wait so see your creations!
Please leave a link in the comments below!


  1. That Zoya polish is PERFECT for these nails!!! I love them! I'm also looking forward to the new Star Wars movie, I'm not a super big fan but I do enjoy them :)

    1. It's perfect indeed, I wanted to keep the background simple and this one fit!
      Star Wars Yeah!

  2. Looks gorgeous ♥ I couldn't make any design for this... I was running out of time these two weeks ;/

    1. Don't stress yourself! If you find the time, you can post it later too!

  3. I hope you enjoyed the movie! :) These are beautiful! I love your galaxy nails, so pretty! xx


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