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Comparison Swatch + Nail Art Bonus!

Hey lovlies!

A few days ago I bougth Essie - find me an oasis, from this years Summer collection. When I saw swatches of it I didn't intend to buy it, because all swatcher were complaining about the consistency. But as I'm desperatly searching for a heir to my beloved O.P.I. - My boyfriend scales walls, I thought I give it a chance.
I applied it and did THIS with it, as you may know. I thought: "Hey, this looks exactly like MBSW!".
But to proof if I'm right I applied them next to each other and the result was, that they are not the same (surprise! I'm not colorblind!).
So I took all my "off-white's" and made a comparison swatch for you!

First, I want to explain what a "off-white" is (for me). A off-white polish is a nearly white polish with a hint of color, like gray, blue or creme (like yellow or beige). It's not a plain white and therefore perfect if you don't want a to stark contrast.
You may say, a nude polish is the same, but for me a nude polish is here to imitate the natural color of the nail. There are also this "french-pink" polishes - polishes who have a hint of pink, which are perfect for french manicure.
Just FYI: These names for these colorgroups come from my mind! It's no professional term, it's just like I call them!
Ok, let's start with swatching! I applied two coats of every polish (except Butter London - Cream Tea, because it wasn't opaque enough) and no top coat, because when I use them, I normally paint something over it and therefore use no top coat. I applied a plain white polish on my index finger and thumb to get a better comparison.
Index finger and thumb: O.P.I. - Alpine Snow
It's a classic white creme polish and therefore opaque with two coats. The consistency is great and not streaky!
Middle finger: O.P.I. - My Vampire is Buff
Opaque in two coats and not streaky, creme/nude hint. The polish everyone falls in love with, after getting it! You may say, MVIB is not a real off-white and you are right, I too was unsure and more when I applied it next to the others. It's between a nude and an off-white for me, because the beige color is not strong enough to be a nude, but strong enough to not be a white polish (does this sentence makes sense for you?).
Ring finger: Essie - find me an oasis
Opaque in two coats, a bit streaky. It has a hint of babyblue.
Pinkie: O.P.I. - My Boyfriend scales walls
The classic off-white creme polish, also opaque in two coats, gray hint. It was part of a special collection in 2012 and everyone who gets his hand on it - buy two and send one to me, because my bottle is half empty!!! I love this gray-hinted color so much, because it fits with nearly every other color and therefore it's perfect for nail art!
This is the same pic as above, but in a different angle!
Ok, now the second hand:
Index finger and thumb: China Glaze White on White
Also a classic white creme, opaque in two coats. I have to say I used this more often these times, because I like the slim brush China Glaze has. To me its easier to paint precisely with a slim brush.
Middle Finger: Butter London - Muggins
Opaque in two coats, no streaks. Like MVIB, compared to the others, this one isn't a real off-white, it's more like a very light grey. But as this one was untried till then, I didn't know his true color!
Ring finger: Butter London Cream Tea
Opaque in three semi-thick coats, not streaky, creamy-beige hint. This one would fit perfect as off-white base, but it needs at least three coats to be opaque, because it's semi-creme (is this a real term?!). I was a bit dissapointed, because this one could have inheritate the throne of MBSW.
Pinkie: Essence - I got a crush on blue!
Opaque in two coats, not streaky, gray-blue hint. This one was part of a special edition and should also fit for stamping - I don't believe it, because it's not that high pigmented.
Same hand, different angle!
None of the off-white I own, are real dupes of MVIB. Nevertheless I think Essie - find me an oasis or Essence - I got a crush on blue! may inheritate the place of it.

What do you think? Do you have a suggestion for me?
Did I explain everything ok (because I never did such a swatch before)?

Because all my nails were off-white now, I wanted to try something I never did before: WATERMARBLE!!
Please don't laugh, because this was my very first attempt ;-)
I was motivated by Celine from celinedoesnails and her helpful watermarble tutorial.

Used polishes:
Essie - the more the merrier, hide & go chic, lapiz of luxury

Yes, I know, my ringfinger doesn't look like marble in any way... It's my boyfriends fault, because he told me how I should do it... But I love him anyways!

I don't know what went wrong on my thumb and index finger, because the look more like waterspotted. Something must have been in the water or I don't know. But I like the look!

Used polishes:
Essie - licorice
Essence - Wonder Wow! Man
This was a bit hard to do for me, because I used the black creme and the metalic and holo one. They didn't mix that well, so it was a bit tricky. But the end result is ok, especially my middle and ring finger and my thumb.

I even made a video for you, to see how holo-sparkly this is!!

How do you like my first attempt at watermarbeling? I have to confess, I like this technique, even though it's a mess and much of clean up. I will for sure try other color combinations!

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