Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Nerd-Geek Challenge - A Summary

Hellu ladies!

Greetings from sunny and hot Austria! I didn't post much lately, because I'm super busy with private life and sunbathing! :) After this wet and cold May, finally the sun showed up and graced us with her presence!
But enough talking, more pictures!
Today's post is about Robin's and my challenge, we did in April and May! Robin already posted her round-up post, which you can see here. She was also so kind, to lend me the collage she made from all the pics from other bloggers!

First: I want to say THANK YOU to all those people who participated and read and liked the designs we made! This is so encouraging, when you set up something and know, someone likes what you do! Hopefully you will join us, when we do another challenge, which will definitely happen, so stay tuned!
In the pic above you can see pics from following people (which you definitely should look at!):
Nerdy & Fleurty
La Cajita de Diana
Ke$ha DIY
Roaring Nails

The first prompt was about our favourite character and I chose Garrus Vakarian, a hot alien guy from a game called Mass Effect. You can see the post about it HERE.

I'm so proud about this one, this was a real challenge for me and I discovered that gel-pens are perfect for nail art!

The second prompt was about our favourite movie and I chose Star Wars, because some days before the trailer for the new Star Wars movie aired. "Chewie, we are home!" was the most epic sentence from this trailer and I painted it on my nails! HERE you can find the whole post about it!

Zoya Storm was a great choice for the background, don't you think?!

The third prompt was about our favourite TV-show. I wanted to do a Battlestar Galactica inspired design, since Robin and I decided to host this challenge. My first idea didn't made it on the blog, simply because I wasn't able to paint it on my nails, but I think I the final design was also very cool! You can catch it HERE.

Here you can see the gel-pen I used for all these fine lines! It feels a bit like cheating, but believe me, with these pens it's sooo easy to paint detailed designs!

The fourth and last prompt was about our favourite fantastical beast and me and Nerdy & Fleurty chose the Unicorn, but in different styles! Look up her post HERE and mine HERE.

I so love this movie and Unicorns!

You know, many nail artists paint difficult patterns only on their non-dominant hand and me too. So I made a collage for you where you can see what I wore on my right hand (which is my dominant hand):

And here I have a collage where you can see all my badass accent nails! #sorrynotsorry for all this self-congratulation, but I'm really proud, because I was never good at freehand designs and I think all turned out very well!

I'm so incredibly happy that some took the challenge and that Robin was so willing to do this with me!
Hop over to her blog, she wrote it more detailed and listed all the blogposts from the other participants, so don't have to search for them!
Robin, thank you for being awesome, can't wait to do another challenge with you!

Last but not least, a big thank you to my fiancé, who not only made the awesome challenge banner, but also stood by me with advice and critics to all these designs! I'm so glad you are with me and that you endure my nail art addiction! I love you!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more challenges!


  1. YAY YAY thank youuu for doing this challenge with me!! :D My favourite design from yours is the unicorn one, because it's so amazingly detailed!! The star wars one was also amazing because that Zoya polish fitted great for the theme :)

  2. I loved the unicorn nailart. Its amzing (:

  3. Enjoy your sunbathing! I loved the unicorn too, has to be my fave! :) xx


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