Sunday, December 14, 2014

Swatch - O.P.I. - Comet in the sky

Hey ladies!

I recently found a little treasure in Vienna! It is a small O.P.I. Salon! Can you believe this?? The owner and her mother are really nice people and we talked about nail art and polish. I will definitely visit this shop more often. The most exciting about this visit? I got a fresh bottle of My Boyfriend scales Walls (she said, it's her last and she doesn't think she will get them anymore) and a bottle of the new 50 Shades of Grey Collection (I will show you this one in another post soon)!!
But now, I want to show you Comet in the Sky from the Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection, which I also bought there!

Since the first swatch I saw, I wanted this polish. It looked simply amazing...
Yes... it is amazing, but not flawless!
Comet in the Sky has a clear base with tiny black glitter, big hex glitter and small iridescent and big iridescent glitter. That's it.

So the problem is... If you wear it over white or a light color, you can't see the iridescent particles properly. If you wear it over black or a dark color, the black particles are nearly useless...
I show you Comet in the Sky over KIKO Make up Milano - Metallic Stone and over my completely new bottle of O.P.I. - My Boyfriend scales Walls.

I recently saw someone on Instagram wearing it over a nude color, this looked really nice. Maybe I'll try this!

Comet in the Sky is a lovely polish and something completely new to my stash. Application was very good - I didn't have to fish much for the big glitter, but I put the bottle upside down for some time before I applied it.
But the usage is... I just keep saying "hmpf" while I write this... difficult? Yes, that's a proper word.
If you don't mind this, it's definitely worth it's money!
Maybe as a Christmas present?!


  1. It's a pretty glitter, but yeah it's kind of silly that you can't see the irridescent particles over white and can't see the black glitter over black :/ I'm so glad you found another My Boyfriend Scales Walls!! I had been looking here in Belgium to see if I spotted one for you, but we don't seem to have that one here :)

    1. yeah it is pretty and yes it's a bit silly you are right!
      wow, you've been looking for it?! that's so nice of you! :))
      its hard to find because it was a part of a special collection... but now I'm a happy owner of a new bottle! :)

  2. Comet in the Sky is very pretty and I like it better on a darker base even if the black glitters are not visible!


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