Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NYC - Disco Inferno Swatch

Hellu ladies!

How has your weekend been? Did you see the last post from Robin's and my challenge? Just hop back one post or wait for the roundup post, I will hopefully launch this week!

Today I want to show you a polish, Robin from roaringnails sent me some time ago, when we swapped polishes.

Used products:
O.P.I. - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
NYC - Disco Inferno
Glisten&Glow - HK Girl Top Coat

NYC - Disco Inferno is a glitter bomb with medium blue and silver glitter and larger round holo glitter in a clear base. The glitter lays completely flat on the nail, which surprised me a lot and I added top coat more out of habit, than to increase the shine! Awesome!
This is a real glitter-bomb, but mostly in the bottle, which is a bit sad. On the nail, it's shiny and glittery, but hm... how can I describe this effect to you?
It's like you see a movement from the corner of your eyes, you know there was something, but you can't tell for sure. The glitter flashes, when you don't expect it and not all particles flash at the same time.
This topper is for sure, not like any other in my collection!

It was hard to capture the sparkly holo flash of the great round sequins, but I have some bottle shots where you can see them properly!
You may ask yourself, why my middle finger is without glitter... Well, something terrible happened to this little poor guy. More about it, after some more pics!

I wanted to try Smitten Polish - Jack Frost this week, which I haven't worn since I bought it. As ever, I used O.P.I. Glitter Off Base Coat, for easy removal. I did everything like every time I use it, but when I removed it with my metal scraper, I did something wrong... (Oh myyy, my stomach twists and turns when I just think about it...) Maybe I pressed too hard or hold it in a wrong angle or maybe my nails have been too soft, because I took a shower, before I removed it or the layer of the Glitter Off Base Coat has been to thin, but I scraped several layers of my nail off with the polish! It didn't hurt, but I nearly threw up when I saw it! I will take a pic of it, when I remove the polish, just as warning for you guys, not to make you vomit or hurt like me.
Anyways... I don't know, if it will hurt, when I remove the polish, but I didn't dare to apply the glitter, because removal of this is hard and I don't want to torture this poor nail any further.

And here we have the awesome bottle shots!


Ok, what do you think of this? Are these available in your country, because in good ol' Austria I haven't seen this brand!

Thank you Robin, for this one! It's a great topper!


  1. I'm so glad you like it!! It looks great on top of MBSW and I love the bottle shots! Poor middle finger though!! I did something stupid too: I was too lazy to get polish remover and when I was bored I started picking off the glitter polish on my nails - result: 3 peeling poor nails now :/ I'm giving them lots of oil and hope they'll recover soon! I hope yours does too!

    1. Yeah I like it! It is a fun glitter polish!
      Ow... I know what you are talking about, I peeled off nail polish when I started all this too. But since I use better products, I think, I can't peel it off anymore. My nails are growing fast at the moment, so I think it won't take long, till this growed out! Hope your nails are getting better soon!

  2. The glitter polish pares very well with the white base!


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