Saturday, June 21, 2014

Guest Post from Robin at Roaring Nails

Hey meine Lieben!
Hey lovlies!

Heute habe ich etwas ganz Spezielles für euch! Robin von Roaring Nails hat einen Gastpost für mich gemacht!
Ich habe Robin kennengelernt, als sie für Lucy von The Nail Snail einen Gastpost verfasst hat und seither hat sich unsere Blogging Freundschaft sehr vertieft. Sie ist wirklich eine der nettesten Bloggerinnen die ich kenne und hat mich schon zu vielen Designs animiert, die ich wahrscheinlich nie gemacht hätte (Leopard Prints z.B.). Wir stehen in engem Kontakt und es hat mich irre gefreut, dass sie trotz der vielen Prüfungen an der Uni zugestimmt hat für mich zu bloggen.
Sie hat sich etwas Sommerliches für euch überlegt und mir gefällt es sehr gut!
Schaut also unbedingt auf ihrem Blog, jetzt unter neuen Namen, vorbei, nicht nur ihre Designs sind super sie ist auch noch irre witzig!
Vielen Dank, Robin!
Today I have something really special for you! Robin from Roaring Nails did a guestpost for me!
I got to know Robin, when she guest posted for Lucy from The Nail Snail and since that our blogging friendship deepend a lot. She is really one of the nicest bloggers out there and she encouraged me a lot, without her I wouldn't have done f.e. leopard prints! We are in close contact I was so happy when she agreed to guest post for me, even though she had a lot of exams recently.
She brought up a very summery design I like a lot.
You have to stop by at her blog, now with a new name, not only because of her cute designs, but only she is really funny!
Thanks a lot Robin!

Hi everyone!

I'm Robin and I run the blog Roaring Nails (formerly known as rexxx did it, but I changed it up recently!)

Franziska asked me if I wanted to do a guest post for her and of course I would! I love her blog, she makes such nice designs and she's super friendly :) She asked me if I wanted to start up a little blogging group together with some other people, to do nail art challenges and such, which sounds super fun! (other people can definitely join if they want to!)

For this guest post I decided to make a sweet and simple design: watermelons! I loooooove eating watermelons, they're so jummy! Emma and Jo at Dahlia Nails did a watermelon design a few months ago and I loved that a lot - I knew I wanted to do something watermelon-y someday.

I recently also saw a cute top at Bershka which was sheer pink and had a watermelon print! It looked horrible on me (light pink doesn't suit my skin tone AT ALL) but that's the beauty of nail art - you can paint whatever on your nails and your face won't look flushed out haha! I didn't copy the entire print of the blouse (it had palm trees too) because I just wanted to do watermelons.

For this design I used:
New Romantic - Rimmel Salon Pro
Matte Effect Top Coat - Gosh
Acrylic paint

I used three coats of New Romantic and painted the watermelons on with acrylic paint. They were really easy to paint actually: I first did all the pink/red parts, then the little yellowish line and the green one. I added some black spots for the seeds and then used my matte top coat! The design isn't perfect but for some reason I quite like that here, I don't mind that it's messy in some places.

That's it! I hope you all like my design! Thanks Franziska for asking me to guest post - I really like doing it, it challenges me to come up with good designs! I hope you like it too :)

Thanks for reading everyone!

Ich hoffe euch hats gefallen! Vergesst nicht auf ihrem Blog vorbei zuschauen! PS: Die Übersetzung für meine deutschsprachigen Leser folgt noch!
I hope you like it! Don't forget to stop by at Robin's blog!

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