Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nail Vinyls try out with summery gradient

Hy lovlies!

I ordered some nail vinyls recently at NailVinyls. I heard about it from The Nailasaurus and Chalkboard Nails and took a look.
I have to say: WOW!! This vinyls are amaazing! They are sticky, but doesn't take the base polish with it. So if you put them on and you want to change the place - it's no problem, because they stick, even if you readjust them three times (like I had to do...). They come off with a slightly bit of effort and are not reusable.
I only used scotch tape or striping tape before, but I think I will only use these now!
I ordered: Lightning Bolts, Stars Variety Sheet, Chevron, Zebra, Straights Variety.The shipping took a bit of time (I think 3 weeks), but they are sent from the U.S., so I can live with it.

Now look what I have done!

I was a bad girl these days... I bought some awesome colors!
I used Essie - find me an oasis as a base (which will inheritate O.P.I. - my boyfriend scales walls after it's empty) and Sally Hansen - Mojito and Tahitian Sunrise for a sponged gradient.
Here is a pic before I sponged the colors:

Man, I love the finished look of these nails so much! It's so summery and nice and I loove these nail vinyls. I'm completely overwhelmed!
Have some more pics:

 I totally adore the Zebra vinyl! Even though it's a bit tricky to take off, because it breaks here and there when you take it off. But it didn't ruin the main, because it's awesome!

I highly recommend those vinyls and I'm not paid for this opinion, haha. So if you are sick of cutting striping tape or scotch tape, order these. You won't regret!

How do like this mani? Am I ready for some cocktails on the beach?

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