Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Hey ladies!

I know I'm rather late for NYE wishes, but on the first I was simply too tired to post and yesterday I had to go to work, so here we are on the third!

For New Years Eve I decided to to a simple glitter gradient (?), which reminds of firework.

This was so easy to do, but it looked amazeballs! All the different glitter looked sparkly and even a bit elegant too.

Used polishes:
China Glaze - Liquid Leather
Ciaté (in order of appearance above) - glitterball, candy cane, confetti, party shoes, yule rules
Glisten&Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
I got the little Ciatè polishes last year, some may know the tree trinkets the advent calendar. I didn't use them very often, because you know, glitter is lovely, but also a pain in the a** to remove.

My new camera makes awesome makro pics, so it's easier to see and describe the different polishes!
So, some lines about the glitters:
Glitterball - has a clear base with tiny glitter and small hex glitter in lavender, I wore it on my pinkie.
Candy cane - a fuchsia tinted base with tiny glitter and small hex glitter also in fuchsia, on my ringfinger
Confetti - clear base with silver holo tiny glitter - very dense! - on my thumb
Party shoes - clear base with tiny gold glitter and small iridescent glitter, on my middle finger
Yule rules - clear base with tiny teal glitter, on my pointer

I started with two coats of Liquid Leather (yeah, this is definitely my favourite black polish!). Then I used a sponge from China Glaze to apply the glitter. Dabbing on glitter polish is definitely the best way, to get a not too thick result. I waited to let it dry and sealed everything with one coat of G&G - HK Girl.

I love this mani! I didn't take them of yet, because I fear they won't go off easy, but today is the day to take them off, so wish me luck and patience!
Have some more pics:

I don't know why my knuckles look so yellow... =)

What do think of these? Like'em or hate'em? Let me know in the comments!

How have you spent NYE? 
I have been with my family, that means my parents, my sister and her boyfriend and my fiancé for sure. It was a lovely evening, full of games, laughter and firework... You know when three men are around, there has to be a lot firework =)

I wish you all, all the best for the new year, luck and health and that your wishes come true!


  1. I love your pictures Franzi!! This design looks so awesome, I love allll the glitter! (but ugh yeah, removal is baaaaad! I just spent half an hour removing holographical bar glitter lol) I especially like Candy Cane and Glitterball :D I had a great start of 2015 as well, I spent it with some friends and we played board games all evening and then watched the fireworks :)

    1. Thank you for your praise, it means a lot, every single comment from you!
      Yeah, I was definitely in the mood for glitter, but removal was not too bad this time!
      I'm glad you had a great time with your friends too!


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