Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My polish picks 2014

Hey ladies!

The year 2014 is nearly over so I decided to show you my polish favourites of this year!
They are all favourites of different reasons and if I had more time, there would be more. But I decided to choose these!

First of all, the best top coat on this planet - Glisten&Glow HK Girl.

I bought the little bottle to test it and before I could finish the bottle, I ordered the big one!
I can honestly say, this is the best top coat I used. It smoothes out glitter polish, it doesn't smear nail art or shrinks, the brush is just great and it is super shiny and wicked fast drying.
Overall, the perfect top coat!

The most extraordinary polish - O.P.I. - Push and Shove

Yes, it is a monster and unforgiving, if you don't have flawless nails, but this mirror chrome polish makes my heart jump in glee! You know, I don't paint my nails as long as many others, so I was fascinated by this polish. See my post about it HERE.

The most stunning polishes - piCture pOlish - Altered State and MaxFactor - Fantasy Fire

When I first saw pictures of the xx collection I wanted them all! They looked so crazy yummy drooling!! I even got the everywhere sold out Aurora, but only Altered State went directly to my polish crazy heart! See my post about it HERE (Ahem, I promised to show you the other polishes to, which I will... but completely forgot... sorry)
Fantasy Fire... oh myyy... what an awesome topper! I saw so many awesome nail art and swatches and just wanted it. I already wore it and there will be a post with it soon. Until then, just look up what Robin from Roaring Nails did with it! (Yes Robin, you are also responsible for getting me get it! =) )

The most awesome polishes - Butter London - Royal Navy and A-England - Tristam

Butter London polishes are very expensive where I live, don't know if they are everywhere. However I'm happy I bought this awesome dark blue polish. It's an amazing color which I used multiple times, but HERE you see the most awesome one!
Tristam, oh Tristam... I just love this dark blue polish and it's delicate holo shimmer. It went directly to my heart on the first brushstroke. Maybe it's just it's name, but if I had to decide which polish I want to take to my grave, it would be this one! See my post about it HERE.

The lovliest polishes - Essie - Fiji (2014) and Urban Jungle

This year I bought many bold colors like you see above, but I also got me some soft tones and these two Essie's are my favourite ones. Even though many nail artist complain that the original Fiji is better than the new one, I really like it! And Urban Jungle simply is a perfect light beige color for various designs. I used them very often, but don't have a swatch post.

Ok, here they are!
Are there some polishes you own and consider as your favourite too?
What are your favourites? Tell me in the comments!


  1. AAAH this post makes my heart jump with glee!! I was already thinking "ohohoh Franzi YES Fantasy Fire boom baby!" and then I read that I was partially responsible for making you get it!! :D Altered State is just so so gorgeous, and I'm really glad to see you love Urban Jungle too! It's my favourite nude polish right now :)

    Among my own favourites are definitely Fantasy Fire and Urban Jungle, and then some amazing indies that I've discovered the past year (Gargle Blaster and Birefringence, jum!) I hope you have a great New Year's Eve and a lovely start of 2015 Franzi!! :)

    1. P.s. I seriously need to get that Glisten&Glow top coat as I've read so many great things about it! It's on my "to buy in 2015!" list ;)

    2. Yeah, Fantasy Fire, Altered State and Urban Jungle are definitely good choices!
      I will post some nail art with FF soon!
      You should definitely buy a bottle of G&G, I know you will love it! Everyone does! =)
      The new year started quite fine, but the old one ended in a bad way... someone crashed our car on monday and by now, we don't know if we can repair it or if we take the money from the insurance and buy a new one... so yes... I'm happy 2014 is over now!
      Hope you had a good start too and all the best for 2015!

    3. Oh no what a bad ending of 2014!!! :( Someone crahsed into my mom's car two months ago as well and she had to buy a new one because the old one was just too damaged... I hope your car can be fixed!! :)

    4. At the moment, we don't know exactly how damaged our beloved car is, but we will know soon, and then we have to decide... Hate to wait, but, you know, it's the only thing we can do right now.


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