Sunday, July 27, 2014

A-England swatch

Hey ladies!

Wow, it's been a week since my last post, but I had a very busy time... Something unexpected and unpleasant happend to me last Sunday, and therefore I wasn't able to post. But everything is good now, so let's have a look at two new polishes in my stash!

I purchased these and some other polishes via Nailland Hungary. The shipping was really fast, but it didn't surprise me, because Hungary is next to Austria. They have lot's of indie polishes and even some piCture pOlish shades who are sold out on other shops, like gravity or altered state.
These two A-England shades are the first for me and I really love them.

Let's start with Lady of the Lake, a beautiful violett shade with a hint of gold-holo shimmer. Application was easy, but you will need at least two coats because one is a bit two translucent. For this swatch I applied two coats and Glitter Gal Australia - Gloss Boss top coat.
direct sunlight 
artificial light
I really like this polish, but I have to confess, it's not very special, until you walk out into the sunlight. Then you can see it's faint gold-holo shimmer.

And now... Tristam.

*sigh* do you know this feeling, when you literally fall in love with a polish? I mean, when you look at it and you think: "Wow, you are just gorgeous!" I felt this with Tristam. Maybe it's the name, but the polish itself is a stunner.

It's dark blue with a silver-holo shimmer that comes out in direct sunlight and under artificial light. You can use just one thick coat or two thin coats. For my swatch I applied a third coat, because I took the pics on the second day and had some tipwear - but I have to grab a lot of small things in my job, so tipwear is normal for me, that's not a thing of quality. I sealed it with G&G- HK Girl top coat.

*sigh-again* When I look at this polish, I imagine a knight in dirty armour who came to save me from the dragon, and I let him take my hand to drag me away and be his queen...
Oh... have I really written this...

Anyways, I really like both shades because of the quality of the polish itself. I will definitly try to get more A-England shades, but at the moment none of the colors are a must-have for me.

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