Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Indie polish swatch and nail art

Hey lovlies!

As I told you I ordered some polishes over at hypnoticpolish recently. I wanted to order something for some time now and when they had a Summer sale with some awesome polishes, I had to grab some.
I bought two top coats and to color polishes from 4 different brands, because I want to try especially indie brands.

Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
This is the "new" Holy Grail of the bloggers I follow around the internet. And I can confirm all its abilites: Its super shiny, does not shrink, dries fast and smoothes out the nail art in a way I really like. This last thing needs a bit explanation: Before I got Seche Vite Fast drying top coat I used Essie - Good to go. When I do some multilayered patterns like dots or stripes, the patterns are a bit elevated on the base and Good to go melted it with the base, so you couldn't really feel and see the elvevation of the patterns. With Seche it looked glazed, when you looked closely. You couldn't feel the patterns but you could see it, like if there's a layer of glass on your nail. (Does that makes sense to you?) And this I dislike about Seche.
HK Girl smoothes out nail art like I like it and is super shiny - so they perfect top coat for me!

Glitter Gal Australia - Gloss Boss
According to the producers it should enhance every glitter or holo polish - that's true. I read many reviews about it and they were 50/50, some liked it, some were meeh... But I can confirm its enhancing ability!
If you want to buy it, don't mind that's a bit cloudy. This is normal, every review or swatch shows it.
I also used it, to top the holo polish I will show you in this post!

Mint - I do
Wow, what a lovely soft pink creme polish! This is from a wedding collection and I think it would fit perfect for a bride or bridesmaid! I dunno why I love soft pink tones at the moment, but this one got directly into my heart. I think it's the perfect shade for nail art, f.e. when you stamp some lace patterns or in Spring for Easter or Valentine's day. I'm so happy I bought it!
Here you see two coats of Mint - I do with one layer of Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat. The pink tone was a bit stronger in person.

Smitten Polish - Harold's Crayon
A gorgeous purple-pink holo polish! I love holo polishes, you know! I can't take my eyes off them and this one is a really nice one. I even made a GIF for you, so you can see, how sparkly-holo this on is under direct sunlight.
Shown are two layers of Harold's Crayon with one coat of Glitter Gal - Gloss Boss, the first two in my lightbox and the last in direct sunlight!

And here is the glorious GIF!

But I didn't stop here and also made some stamping nail art with these two!
I used moyou artist collection plate 02 to stamp the Harold's Crayon over I do, but it didn't work that well...
Does anyone of you have experience with stamping holo polish? Is it a bit tricky or am I only to dumb?
Anyways, I sealed this again with Glitter Gal - Gloss Boss.

Ok that's nearly it!

Just a few words about hypnoticpolish.
They ship worldwide from the Netherlands, shipping is fast and very cute wraped (silk paper and a personal note!!)!
I posted a pic of the wrapping on IG and mentioned hypnoticpolish. She answered me and I asked her about the cloudiness of Gloss Boss. She looked up reviews on the internet and answered me that it's normal!
I mean, how cool is this costumer support?!
So if you want to buy from an indie polish seller with a wide range of indie polishes, I would recommend this one! Thumbs up for hypnoticpolish!

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