Friday, July 11, 2014

ILNP swatches plus nail art

Hey lovlies!

I was super busy this week, even though I wasn't working, but I was helping my family and therefore had no time to post.
Buuut, I had time to do my nails!
I mentioned a time ago, that I bought some ILNP polishes and I wanted to swatch them all at once, so it took me some time, because for swatching, I like to have longer nails.
Unfortunately all the polishes I will show you today, are retiring soon, so if you fall in love with them you have to fast and get them! I can tell you, they are really worth their money!

ILNP - A.C. Slater
I wanted to own this polish, since I saw it at this post from Chalkboardnails. A.C. Slater is a dark grey some say brown (but I don't think it's brown) holo polish, fully opaque in two coats. Here you see two coats and NO top coat in direct sunlight.
I ordered a second bottle recently, because it's retiring!

OMG!! This is the most amazing holo polish I've seen so far! It is just MEGA! You can wear it alone or over other polishes. Barbra from ILNP also suggests to put a few drops to old polishes to enhance them. I didn't try that, but I maybe will. The only thing I don't like about this one is, if you wear it on his own, it is a tiny bit streaky, but when you step out in the sun, no one will see it, because it's a thousand rainbows on your nails! Here you see two coats, no top coat, taken in direct sunlight. I also made a GIF for you to see how it changes!

ILNP - Grape Alicious
It looked so yummy on this swatch by work/play/polish, I had to have it and I wasn't disappointed. This dark purple holo polish is a stunner! Shown are two coats, but I can't remind if I applied a top coat, under direct sunlight and artificial light.

ILNP - Amanda Hugginkiss
This one has become my second favourite after A.C. Slater because of it's surprising holo effect. The surprise her was, that the holo comes out in direct sunlight and under artificial light! All the other holo polishes I own are only stunning in direct sunlight, but this one is different. Shown are two coats of this light purple/pink holo treasure, with no topcoat, taken under artificial light! But at the end of this post are pics of some nail art and there you can see it in it's direct sunlight glory!

And now some nail art:

A.C. Slater and MEGA gradient
It's inspired by Chalkboardnails post - link above!

Amanda Hugginkiss and Essence - prom-berry with nail vinyls

The verdict:
I love ILNP! I can only talk about holos right now, but I already ordered some cremes and I can't wait to get them.
The price-performance ratio is great, I ordered these via Etsy and the shipping was fast. I ordered the new ones via the ILNP homepage, so I can't tell you right now how fast it is.
I definitly recommend these indie-polishes!
Do you own some? What is your experience?

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