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31DC2014 - Recap of the last 3 weeks

Hey lovely ladies!

I'm so sorry, that I didn't post much these last few weeks. I was super busy with this 31DC2014 challenge and I'm so happy I did every single one! Yay, for nail art!
So I proudly present the finisher badge, which comes from Chalkboardnails!

Those of you, who follow me on Instagram and/or Tumblr, have seen all of the designs. But now it's time to share them here!

Day 8 - Metallic Nails
I did just two simple designs with a small striping brush.

Colors used:
KIKO - 516 Metallic Stone
Catrice -
Essie - fiji

Day 9 - Rainbow Nails
Here I used the distressed technique and a bunch of polishes and I'm so sorry but I can't remember them all...

Day 10 - Gradient Nails and Day 31 - Honor nails you love
Here I did a one design and used it for two days (I know I'm a sneaky nail artist). I did a gradient inspired by Chalkboardnails I loved on first sight. Because of this one, I bought these polishes!

Colors used:
ILNP - AC Slater
ILNP - Bottle Service

Day 11 - Polka dots
This was my first attempt to do a jelly sandwich or pond mani. Have you ever tried this tecnique? It's simple but time consuming and you need a very sheer or jelly like polish. I don't have many as I'm more of creme polish lover. But I think the outcome looks really nice!

Colors used:
Essie - vanity fairest (the only polish in my stash who would I say is a jelly), find me an oasis, lovie dovie
Sally Hansen - Tahitian sunset, mojito
ILNP - Grape Taffy

Day 12 - Stripes
Here I used a design I did on my mothers nails a while before the challenge started. Again I can't remember the used polishes - sorry!

Day 13 - Animal print
Yay - animal print! I chose to show off two versions, first without glossy top coat and second with top coat, because my base color was Maybelline NY - Grey Beats from the Vinyl collection. I liked both versions.

Colors used:
Maybelline NY - Grey Beats
Smitten Polish - Herolds Crayon
A-Englang - Tristam

Day 14 - Flowers
Here I recycled an old mani with you can look up HERE.

Day 15 - Delicate Print
Wow, that was a real challenge. I looked up other bloggers contest entries to even get a glint of what that meant. But then - BAM - inspiration hit me: zodiacs! Zodiacs also look delicate, don't they?! So I polished all my nails with my untried ILNP - Strawberry cream and connected some of the glitter with the Essence - Tattoo pen. Simple, delicate, gorgeous!

Colors used:
ILNP - Strawberry Cream
Essence - Tattoo pen

Day 16 - Geometric
OMG - what a fail! I tried some nail wraps from KISS I bought some time ago, because the pattern was so amazing, but I didn't manage to apply them nice and it just looked awful... By the end of my workday I put them off, I really couldn't manage to wear them any longer! Do you guys have any advice on applying nail wraps? Please share them in comments!

Day 17 - Glitter
YAY for GLITTER! I did a glitter placement and it looked aaamazing!

Colors used:
Essie - Fiji
loose glitter from Essence

Day 18 - Halfmoon
I'm not good at halfmoon nails, so I decided to spice this prompt up and drew some eyes on nails. This is the creepiest manicure I've done so far, you can't imagine how looked at I felt the whole day!

Colors used:
Maybelline NY - Grey Beats
China Glaze - Liquid Leather
Essie - hide & go chic

Day 19 - Galaxy Nails
YAY for GALAXY NAILS! Guys, I loooove galaxy nails, because my fiance (yes ladies - since Friday 10.10. I'm engaged - how cool is that??) likes to watch all sorts of space documentaries in bed and before I fell asleep I watch them too. And I love Star Trek and Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica and Firefly and so on... So yes, second confession today, I'm a nerd/geek (can't distinguish those two...).
But, this time I painted some dots and stars, which I never done before, and I have a good advice for you to give a galaxy mani the most special twist - if you own piCture pOlish - Altered State, apply it before you paint some stars - IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!

Colors used:
A-England - Bridal Veil
China Glaze - Reggae to Riches, Sexy in the City, Sun Worshipper
Look by BIPA - Smiling Sun
piCture pOlish - Altered State
O.P.I. - Alpine Snow

Day 20 - Water Marble
My nemesis... Water marbeling is messy and difficult (at least for me) and time consuming... I don't like it. But this time I tried a technique I saw on Instagram, where you do your marble, but let this "polish disc" dry in the water. After half an hour you can carefully pull it out and make your own decals. This technique is awesome and I think I will never do a water marble any other way! You should try too and tell me about it!
Unfortunately I can't remember all the colors... again... (bad nail artist...)

Day 21 - Inspired by a color
I choose blue and made some river (?) looking streaks on my nails, which I blended with the watercolor technique, where you dab your nail art brush in some nail polish remover to achieve a watercolor or aquarel look.

Colors used:
Essie - find me an oasis
Butter London - Royal Navy

Day 22 - Inspired by music
I'm a big Linkin Park fan and I really like every album from them. The last one only holds three songs I really like and the one I like most is "Rebellion". I chose to write to word REBELLION on my nails and let them shatter. Unfortunately the outcome wasn't like I wanted it, but I liked it anyway.

Colors used:
A-England - Bridal veil
white and black acrylic paint

Day 23 - inspired by a movie
I chose Spiderman and the distressed technique, because I wanted a special look. But see yourself!

Colors used:
Essie - style hunter, hide & go chic
China Glaze - Liquid Leather
Matte Top Coat (before I added the spiderwebs)

Day 24 - Inspired by a book
This is a mani I'm really proud of. I chose Peter V. Brett's - Demon Cycle books and the wards from them, who keep the demons away. Eventhough the demons would eat me, because they are not very good painted, I love the outcome (everyone who has read the books will know what I mean, all the others - read the books, they are awesome!)

Colors used:
Essence - Wonder WOW! Man
black acrylic paint

Day 25 - Inspired by fashion
Again a difficult theme for me, so I decided to put some stickers on my nails from fashion capitals.

Colors used:
Essie - find me an oasis
Stickers from Fingrs

Day 26 - Inspired by a pattern
I chose the cute skull pattern from a make-up bag I own. They are handpainted with a small nail art brush.

Colors used:
Essie - Fiji
O.P.I. - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

Day 27 - Inspired by art
I was inspired by reverse glass painting and my mother volunteered as model again! And ... I can't rember the polishes... again...

Day 28 - Inspired by a flag
Austria! Austria! Austria! Yes, I showed off some home-pride and painted a vintage looking Austrian flag on my nails!

Colors used:
O.P.I. - My Vampire is Buff
red acrylic paint

Day 29 - Inspired by the supernatural
I choose "Interview with a vampire" as inspiration and painted a little Claudia on my nails. I'm proud of my thumb, because the writing is so crisp!

Colors used:
O.P.I. - My Vampire is Buff
Essence - Tattoo pen
red and yellow acrylic paint

Day 30 - Inspired by a tutorial
I chose a dotticure from thenailpolishchallenge , because I really liked the color combination and because dotticures are so simple!

Colors used:
Essie - urban jungle, sand tropez, mint candy apple
O.P.I. - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

Ok, that's it! Sorry for the absence ladies, the challenge was really tough and during those last two weeks I couldn't find the time to post. But I want to blog more again, because I love it and I missed you!
Hope you enjoy the designs and I'm curious which one you like! So feel free to tell me in the comments!

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