Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shredded Dragonflies

Hello Ladies!

Today I want to share a simple manicure with you, I haven't tried yet.
Have you ever tried to layer a holo flake or glitter polish over black?
If yes, you may know, how awesome this can turn out.
So I grabbed my China Glaze - Liquid Leather and Luxe and Lush and produced this simple, but stunning mani.

Looking at it, it reminded me of dragonfly-wings, so I thought, wow I shredded some dragonflies and smacked them on my nails. Gross, isn't it?! Maybe I should talk to someone about this brutal thoughts. :)
But I want to state, that I didn't hurt any dragonflies for this mani, I would never hurt one of this magnificent creatures. I even tried to save two baby dragonflies in spring, because we had some in our pool. But unfortunately they died...
Anyways, I want to share some more pics with you!

It was really hard to capture this mani in all it's glory and holo-sparkliness. It looked different, everytime I looked at it from a different angle.

I'm also playing around with my lightbox and hand positions, as you may see. It's amazing how a black or white background can change the whole look.

So, what do you think? Have you ever tried to layer a flake or glitter polish over black? What was your experience?

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