Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mr. Grey will see you now or a swatch post

Hey ladies!

Are you a fan of 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James? Have you read the books?
No? Then you are a real rarity! :)
I confess, I'm a big fan of the series. Next to fantasy I'm a fan of paranormal romance and sometimes I like to read erotic literature. Yes, I know, normally those books are not very sophisticated, but I love love-stories and I doesn't mind, if they are a bit... ahem... juicy. :)
Today I want to show you a polish from the upcoming O.P.I. - 50 Shades of Grey Collection!

That's Shine for Me a silver foil polish with tiny blue glitter which are light and a bit darker blue. It dries to slightly textured finish. Extraordinary!
Shown are two coats, some pics are with top coat some without.

It is shiny, it has glitter, it is slightly textured and it catches the light in a strange way. But the most interesting thing about it was, that even two coats of top coat didn't change the look. It didn't get more shiny or else, it's like it is.

Attentive readers know, I hate textured polishes - yes I hate them. I don't know what to do with this effect. I like it when my nails are all smooth.
But this very light texture was totally ok for me!

Isn't it awesome? There are 5 more colors in this collection (just look it up on Google), but this one caught me when I first saw two Austrian nail artist on Instagram posted them. I also bought it in this small salon in Vienna, but I think I want some other polishes from this collection too! :)
Now, for some nail art!

A few weeks ago, I told A-England on Instagram, that the brush of my Bridal Veil bottle is broken and they were so kind to send me a new one! How amazing is that?!
So I paired my A-England - Bridal Veil, a black polish with a soft holo, with O.P.I. - Shine for Me to create a waterfall or icicle mani.

I wore this some time ago, when my fiancè and I where at a spa which included a dinner in the evening. I decided to wear a black dress with some blue fake jewels at the collar, and I found it fitting.

Well, that's it!
Will you get some polishes from this collection? As far as I know they launch in January, so will have time to decide!
Oh, please let me know in the comments, if you have read the books and how you liked them!


  1. Oh I love the nail art you did with it!! I can imagine it looked great with your dress :) And it's quite fitting for Winter as well! :D I haven't read any of the books, they're really not my thing, but I've seen swatches of the collection and I really like the neutral greys :)

    1. the greys look really cool, but I think I want this dark grey one! the red and silver one are not my liking!
      I'm happy you like my swatch and the nail art!

  2. Beautiful polish! I love the blue flecks and the nail art you wore to the spa day is so pretty :) Spa and dinner sounds like a great time! xx

    1. Thank you, I'm happy you like it!
      This day was so nice and relaxing and the dinner was just yummy! Should do this more often :)


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