Sunday, December 7, 2014

Essie Jiggle hi jiggle low Collection swatch and nail art

Hey ladies!

How are you on the second Advent Sunday? It's really frustrating not to have more time to post, but Christmas time is a busy time, but I hope to post more. I have so many manis to post, because even though I don't post more often, I paint my nails every two or three days. So please stay tuned!

First, something about the blog...
Because of my new design, I had to remove the Google+ comments and switch to the normal Blogger comments, because the Google+ comments box did strange things to the template. That's bad, because all your lovely comments from the past are now gone... I mean, not really deleted, but not visible, until my fiancè and I find a way to implement it.

I recentyl bought a mini set of three polishes from the Essie jiggle hi jiggle low Winter Collection. Now for the polishes and manis I did:

As you may know, I'm not the typicall swatcher. Sometimes when a polish really really amazes me, I do a real swatch, only the polish. So I did here, with tuck in my tux.

Wow, what an amazing polish! In the bottle it looks like an creme ivory with, but it isn't. It's a ivory white jelly and really delicate. You need three (!) coats to get full coverage without a visible nail line, which is much, I know. But when all the layers are dry, your nails look glazed, or like you dipped them in marshmallow cream.

Normally I don't like polishes who need that many coats, but this one painted it's way directly to my heart. I even bought the big bottle, because I know it's a perfect base for various nail art manis.

I thought this polish would perfectly fit together with jiggle hi jiggle low, a bleached or chromed gold polish... It's hard to describe the color. Sometimes it looks gold, sometimes more silver.
I did two different designs over tuck in my tux with a fan brush.

This was a surprising one. I thought it will dry a bit gritty, but it doesn't! It dries rather smooth and you can easily come away with one coat, because you won't really see a difference between one or two coats, because it shimmers so much.

The third one is a really beautiful red called jump in my jumpsuit. It really is a beautiful color, full coverage in two coats, but with this one, I learned that I'm not really into reds. They just look weird on my nails...

To me, red is a really ladylike color and please don't be offended by what comes now, but I don't feel old enough for red. I know this may sounds funny and I think, if I have the right outfit, red would look good on my nails, but without it, I don't feel comfortable with red nails.

I combined it again with jiggle hi jiggle low, because the fit so well together. Sorry for the bumps at the edges, it seems they weren't completely dry, when I went to bed!
As you can see on the pic above, I wore jiggle hi jiggle low solo on my pinky. It is a really lovely color!

Oh, and sorry for me battered cuticles, the cold really damages them, but I try to hydrate them every night!

What do you think of these? Like 'em or hate 'em? Which is your favourite?


  1. Fantastic looking polishes. The finish of the first one is absolutely amazing, I definitely need it in my collection!

  2. Ooh these all look so nice! I lve your description "like you dipped your nails in marshmallow cream", that's so true! :D The nail art you did with Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low and Tuck in my Tux is so luxurious and pretty!

    1. thank you! I would have done a design for your guest post with these for you, but you choose the other one! now I can spill this secret! 😊


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