Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mani Swap with Sabrina from ssunnysideup

Hey ladies!

This week I did a mani swap with Sabrina from ssunnysideup. I found her on Instagram a while ago and the most surprising thing was, that she is also from Austria like me!
I have found some other Austrian nail girls since, but believe it's hard, because they are all hiding I think.
Anyways, Sabrina asked for a mani swap and I volunteered immediately!
Let's take a look!

You can see her designs on the left side and mine on the right!
I was happy that she chose my Celebration mani, because I'm really proud about it and it was the second time, someone chose this! So yes, that means I did something right here!
I instead selected her Ikat nail design, because I never did this pattern before and it called to me!

Used colors:
Essie - style hunter and mint candy apple
China Glaze - Liquid Leather and White on White
Striping brush

I really loved the bold color combo on first sight! (Oh man, can you see all those cat hairs in my light box, this little beast was sitting in there some time ago, I really have to clean this!)
I started with painting my nails with the colored polishes. On my ring finger and thumb I painted mint candy apple at first.
Then I painted the white triangles, the the black "stripes" and at last the red triangle.
It is really simple, but looks awesome. I'm definitely in the mood for more Ikat nails!

Thank you again, Sabrina, for this fun mani swap. It was a pleasure to team up with you! Hopefully we can do this again in the future! #austriannailgirlsftw
You can see Sabrinas post here and make sure you follow her on Instagram and Nailpolis for more cute and awesome designs!

What do think? Ever tried Ikat nails yourself! Spam a link in the comments, if you like me to see it!


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