Monday, November 10, 2014

Glitter Cubes!

Hey ladies!

Today I want to show you some glitter placement with diamont or rhomubs shaped glitter. Naturally I was inspired by the Queen of Glitter Placement Polish All The Nails and this POST.
I really love how the cubes pop out and I can tell you, they look so 3D in reallity, you should really really try this - it's amaazing!

Warning! When you start doing glitter cubes you can't stop, you simply can't! It's pure addiction! I wanted some nicely lined up cubes, but then this happend! :)

I started with two coats of Butter London - Royal Navy, a gorgeous dark navy blue. I simply love this color and it's consistency. It goes smoothly on your nail and the thin brush all Butter London's have, really helps to apply it cleanly.
Personal hint:
I really recommend to apply dark, especially dark blue polishes, very slow and controlled. Don't go to near to your cuticles, unless you have a really strong polish remover. Clean up of dark polishes is messy and it likes to crawl under your skin. So: Apply cautious or own a good remover or be simply a genius at applying dark polishes!

I used three differently colored diamond shaped glitters for this. You don't have to, if you want to recreate, but believe me, it will pop more if you have different colors and/or holo glitter.
Use your slowest drying top coat or a clear polish to stick the glitter on and seal it with at least one layer of top coat (here I used {as ever}Glisten&Glow - HK Girl).

What do you think? Like it, want to try it?
Everytime I see these pictures on my phone, I want to do it again, because I seriously couldn't stop looking at them!

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