Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Engagement celebration mani

Hy lovlies!

I know you are all very attentive, so you have noticed that I'm engaged since the 10th of October.
Yes, my sweet boyfriend asked me to marry him and he did everything just perfect at the proposal. I had the full romantic package - delicious dinner, lots of candles when we came back home and he even was on his knee, with the ring in his hand, when he asked me!
I was speechless, but managed to say YES.
Last week I celebrated with my parents and sister and I wore a beautiful dress for lunch. And crazy for nail art as I am, I had to match my nails with my dress. So, here we go!

Used polishes:
China Glaze - Liquid Leather
O.P.I. - My Vampire is Buff + My Voice is a Little Norse
Ciatè - party shoes
Essence - Tattoo pen
G&G - HK Girl Top Coat

I started with painting my thumb and pointer in black and the rest of my fingers with MVIB.
Then I made a gradient with some flame like tongues (does that sound ok...?) with the glitter polishes. I chose a silver (My Voice is a Little Norse) for the pointer and a gold (party shoes) for the pinkie.
Personal hint:
I recommend to use the sponge technique for glitter gradients and I used it here for the first time. The advantage of this technique is, that you get maximum glitter on your nail and you don't get this thick layer of glitter polish on your nail. You simple paint some glitter polish on a sponge, let the polish itself sink into to the sponge and dab the glitter on your nail - it's amazing how good this works! If you need further information, search YouTube for it, there are lots of tutorials!

When my thumb and middle finger were dry, I painted a little heart with the opposite color in the corner. I used a dotting tool and a nail art brush for it. I'm not very happy with them, because I wanted them smaller. I defintely have to practice more heart painting :) !

Then I painted the lace pattern, which looked like my dress, on my ring finger.
Some thoughts about the Essence - Tattoo pen...
We have a real love-hate relationship... I love that you can draw really thin lines with it, but I hate that these lines break! I once asked Q from Squeaky Nails how she manages to get even, unbreaked lines when I saw this POST. She said, she simply draws the lines with more layers... Well, I tried and failed again! GRRRRR....
Anyways, I won't throw it in the trash (not yet), because maybe, I have to practice more. So again, Tattoo pen, you get another chance!

I really loved this skittlette, it was classy, sparkly and sweet and the colors of my dress and my nails nearly looked the same, so it fitted just perfect!
What do you think?

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