Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pink Polka Dots

Hey ladies!

How are you on this first Advent Sunday? I'm feeling fine today and I'm in full Christmas mood now and after writing this post I will start to decorate the house! Can you believe we celebrate Christmas again in less than a month?!
Before I start with Christmas and Winter manis, I want to show you some pink polka dots I did a while ago.
Let's take a look!

When I made this, a month ago or so, I didn't like it that much, because it didn't turn out as I wanted it. I thought there were too much dots, because I intended to receive a more delicate look.
But when I look at it now, I like it. Do you know this feeling too? You make something and don't like it, but when time goes by, you think, well, it's not that bad! =)

Used colors:
Mint - I do
Essie - Style Hunter, Fiji, Lovie Dovie
China Glaze - Pixie Dust

I don't know why, but my camera doesn't like soft pink tones... Everytime I look at these pics I think, this really soft pink from Mint, looks a bit peachy, but believe me it's a really soft pink, which I absolutely love, even though you have to apply three (!!) coats to get it fully opaque.

After applying the base color and the dots I topped it with Pixie Dust, for some extra bling. Unfortunately the effect gets a bit lost on the pics, I think. It looks a bit dirty and not blingy, or is this just my self-doubt speaking... Nevermind, in real life it looked blingy! =)

I'm so happy that I can post X-Large pics now, with my new design! =)
Just one more!

Nevertheless, I like this mani now. I think I improved my polka dots a lot, because even though polka dot manis aren't that difficult to do, you have to work precisely and with a good amount of patience to receive a nice look!

Ok, what do you think? Like it?
Are you in Christmas mood too?

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  1. I think it definitely looks blingy Franzi!! I love that you used the glitter topper on top of the design, it makes it so festive! Wow, you're decorating already for Christmas! We are always so late with that, I totally don't have a Christmas feeling yet but I'm hoping it will come soon :)


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