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NEW BLOG DESIGN China Glaze The Giver Collection Swatch and Nail Art

Hy my lovely ladies!

First, I want to say WELCOME AND HELLO to all my new followers! Thank you for finding and following me!
Second, my NEW DESIGN is online!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Sorry for the shout, but I LOVE it so much!! If you visited my blog this weekend you may have seen the different designs, because it was hard work and my super sweet, patient and genius fiancè (I love you so much!) managed everything perfect, don't you think?! Tell me what you think in the comments or via mail!

I bought three colors from the China Glaze The Giver Collection recently at Hypnotic Polish and I really, really wanted to swatch them properly, but after I applied them, I simply couldn't stop and forgot about photographing them without nail art. So yeah, this is less a swatch post and more a nail art post! (sorry...)
All these colors spoke to me, because they are what I call "off-whites" and because I can't get my hands on a fresh bottle of my beloved O.P.I. - My Boyfriend scales Walls, I'm constantly searching for a proper heir to it.

China Glaze - Five Rules
... is a gray or sand toned off-white. I can't really describe it, it looks like a very light mud color... After wearing it it was my less favourite of these three. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice color, but I'm sure it's not for everyone.

Application was good and it was the only one of these, who was opaque in two coats, because it has the most creme consistency of these three.

I decided to combine it with China Glaze - Meet me under the Stars frome the Twinkle Collection for a funky french manicure, which I saw recently on Instagram from sloteazzy. These colors really fit well together!

China Glaze - New Birth
... is baby-blue toned off-white and was the most difficult to apply opaque and even. I needed three coats for the final result and even though I love this shade, I think it will only fit as base for non ornate nail art.

It has a stronger blue tone than Essie - find me an oasis and O.P.I. - My Boyfriend scales Walls, but it's very soft. I decided to combine it with some dots of A-England - Tristam, which I saw at Chalkboardnails.

Last but not least, my favourite of those three...

China Glaze - Friends Forever, Right?
... a really soft pink toned off-white. You will also need three coats to get it fully opaque, but if you love soft tones, I'm sure you won't mind.

My camera always seems to have troubles, catching those soft pink tones, here they look nearly white. But in real life the color is a really soft pink.
I also ordered some Nail Vinyls at Hypnotic polish and chose the right angle ones for this manicure. I applied them and dabbed ILNP - Pixie Dust and Amanda Hugginkiss with a piece of a make-up around them. I wanted to create a gradient look... well, I wasn't totally happy with the result, but it's okay!

Well, you know, I love China Glaze! I love their small brush, because they are perfect for precise application, especially when you use a dark color. The polishes are relatively cheap and overall the formula of those I have is great. They have a really wide color range and lots of special editions.
But I really struggled with these three and it's my own fault, because I didn't want to believe the reviews I saw and that they all said that New Birth and Friends Forever, Right? are more jelly or crelly than creme. So naturally I was a bit disappointed... I think the problem is, that they are not as self leveling as for example Essie polishes. If they were, I believe they would be greater than great!
BUT!!! Nevertheless I can recommend those polishes! Because even though the application is a bit of work and patience, you will be granted with some nice off-whites!

What do you think? Go and get it or hands off?

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